Dream Car Sprint for the CrashDaddy!

I had the thrill of a lifetime earlier this month, racing in a Ferrari!  My darling wife got me the gift of driving an exotic sports car on an autocross course and let me tell ya, I could not get enough.  I wish I can say I broke all kinds of course records, but I kept the tires squealing and motor revved thru the course. I did not embarrass myself.       mike ferrari dream car sprint sitmike ferrari dream car sprint

The rides were arranged by Gotham Dream Cars and my type of course they named the Dream Car Sprint.  Check them out at www.gothamdreamcars.com, with locations near Chicago, New York, Los Angeles & Miami.     I had an instructor beside me, but for the most part its all you.  After a warm up lap to survey the course, then it was time to let it rip.  I gained confidence and got bolder with each lap.  After 4-5 laps its over leaving wanting more.

One of those fun, awesome experiences I always wanted to do. Your turn…..