gauge_clusterCrashDaddy got its start as an online business in 2002 selling a handful of auto racing decals. Since that time we have grown to be an international company selling popular graphics for the auto, motorcycle, hunting, fishing, tractor/truck racers, fans and collectors. To meet the demand of our growing customer base, our product line has expanded to include decals, banners, signs, hats, patches and more.

Mike Gogola, President & Founder

Back in 1966, my dad got me hooked on collecting racing memorabilia and I have been at it for close to 50 years. Back then, dad worked in advertising and produced the first in-store displays for STP. Whenever he had extra samples of stickers, he would bring them home. So, I started collecting them. Soon my collecting led to buying and selling automotive and racing memorabilia at local flea markets around Chicago. As I grew older, I had some fun cars including Chargers and Cutlasses and I started following just about every kind of motorsports.

Early in my professional life I worked for a number of performance parts companies which gave me a new insight into racing decals and patches distribution. I quickly realized that there was no good resource to purchase popular graphics for the hundreds of thousands of racers, race fans, and collectors in the world– which gave me the idea to start this business and fill that need. And since 2001, it has been a top priority at CrashDaddy to continue to expand our product lines to fill the needs of our loyal customers. Buy with confidence, CrashDaddy has maintained at feedback rating of 98.8 % or better for over ten years on Ebay and we are striving to get even better.

No doubt, ours is a crazy business! But, we love our customers and have a passion for what we do. Please feel free to contact us with your comments, wants, ideas, or observations. We are excited about our business and we want you to be too!